ProVista™ –Revolutionary Turfgrass by Scotts® Individual Pieces



ProVista is an innovative solution delivering beautiful turf with complete weed control and half the mowing. Due to its slower growth, it cuts your mowing schedule in half
Due to the nature of natural products, physical properties will vary (size, color, etc).


Scotts ProVista is a newer release in the industry, and people often ask why they would want to use Scotts ProVista over other varieties. One big difference between this sod type with regards to herbicide tolerance seems like it will be more amiable than before; therefore if you’ve got an area that has experienced weed infestation (whether tropical signal grass or Bermuda), then definitely consider utilizing their products for keeping those pesky weeds out!

The thing we really love about these types? It has a very dark green color and is a dwarf variety, meaning it doesn’t require as much mowing as other types of St. Augustine sod. Finally, it is tolerant of skipped mowing days, making it a convenient option for those who are DIYers.

Once you put the Scotts ProVista Sod in and get it established, you’re basically going to establish it like you would any other St. Augustine type grass, you want to make sure your soil is moist before you put the sod down. You want to keep it moist.


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