Mulch For Sale in Orlando

Mulch is everywhere–and with good reason. Mulch has an abundance of benefits for your garden or landscape. One of the primary reasons that people use mulch so frequently is that it helps to protect the soil. This is because mulch blocks the rays from the sun which not only has the effect of keeping the soil moist and the roots protected, but it also works to keep weeds from getting the exposure that they need to grow.

Beyond these benefits, mulch also serves as a blanket to keep the soil of your garden in place when there is excess wind or rain. This is not only good for your plants but it also makes the look throughout your landscaping consistent and uniform.

Different Types of Mulch

Cypress Blend is a type of wood chip mulch that is made from the bark of cypress trees. This mulch is an excellent choice for gardeners because it is inexpensive and organic which means that it will decompose over time and provide nutrients to your soil. Another benefit of this type of mulch is that it is very effective in preventing weed growth.

Pine Bark is a lightweight mulch that is made out of pine trees. This type of mulch takes much longer to break down than other types of organic mulch which means that you have to replace much less frequently. One key benefit of pine bark is that it carries aluminum which promotes green, leafy growth.

Pine Straw is also a product of the pine tree but it is actually the foliage of the tree rather than the bark. Like pine bark, it breaks down very slowly and it is lightweight. What makes it unique, however, is that it can serve as protection for the soil during wintry conditions.

Colored Mulch is a type of mulch that is made up of hardwood forest scraps. It is then synthetically dyed to suit different purposes. Brown mulch is often favored because it is the mulch that retains its color the longest. Black mulch is excellent at absorbing the sun’s heat, which keeps the soil warm and promotes growth. Red mulch is striking and provides a bright contrast to green grass.

Tips for Your Mulch

When you use mulch, you’ll want to plan for about three to four inches of coarse material and one to two inches of fine material. This will provide the maximum benefits to your soil and keep the roots from being suffocated.

You’ll also want to keep somewhat of a distance from the actual plants in your garden bed. This is because mulch that’s piled too close to plants can cause root rot and allow pests to shelter. To avoid this, keep the mulch back one to two inches from the base of the plant.

Searching for Mulch for Sale in Orlando?

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