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  • Composted cow manure. Natural fertilizer for optimum plant growth. Ideal in flower and vegetable gardens, for planting shrubs, trees, and lawns

    Black Kow Compost 4lbs

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      Composted cow manure. Natural fertilizer for optimum plant growth. Ideal in flower and vegetable gardens, for planting shrubs, trees, and lawns

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    Comand Soil Products 45lb bags

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    After just one application of COMAND the results are remarkable. Building your soil’s organic matter will retain water, reduce lawn stress and promote a denser canopy, even during hot and dry conditions. Save money on your water bill and have a great looking yard!

  • Line All Purpose Heavy Duty Blue Tarps Water Proof 5 x 7

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    Tarp is made from extra strength weave and has a heavy duty double laminated coating • It is sun and fade resistant and rot & rust proof • It has a rope reinforced hem • heat sealed seams and grommets every 3 feet • Widely used by contractors, campers, farmers and pointers for covering construction…

  • Railroad Ties

    Railroad Ties (INCLUDES DELIVERY)

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    Railroad ties are also used as decoration, particularly for commercial and private landscaping foundations. Their raw and natural appearance creates a traditional and rustic look for fences, flower boxes, walkways, raised beds or gardens, borders and retaining walls. But since many used railroad ties also contain elements of residue from the track, such as coal…

  • Sod Depot own Organic Top Soil equivalent to 2 cu yds.

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    Sod Depot’s Bulk compost offers a natural solution to enhance soil quality for various gardening needs, including gardens, flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns.

    When added to your soil, it transforms into an environment conducive to healthy root growth, providing optimal structure with sufficient air space for water, oxygen, and roots. This enriched soil also manages water effectively, ensuring proper drainage and retention. Moreover, its rich in natural nutrients not found in conventional fertilizers, and it’s certified organic gardening-friendly with its OMRI Listing.

    For specific applications, Veggie Mix is ideal for containers, seed starting, raised beds, and vegetable gardening, while Level Mix, containing 70% sand, is perfect for leveling established lawns.

    Each Sod Depot super sack contains 1 cubic yard (or 27 cubic feet) of Soil³, with rates varying based on your gardening requirements. You can easily determine the quantity you need using our compost calculator on the rates page.

    Each Sod Depot supersack  weighs between 1,500 to 1,700 lbs., making it suitable for medium to large pickup trucks or trailers. Small pickup trucks may require a trailer due to weight limitations.

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