ProVista™–Turfgrass by Scotts® 400sqft pallet (Pallet included) ONLINE ONLY

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ProVista is an innovative solution delivering beautiful turf with complete weed control and half the mowing. Due to its slower growth, it cuts your mowing schedule in half
Due to the nature of natural products, physical properties will vary (size, color, etc).




With ProVista™ turf you can expect a lush, dense, deep green lawn with fewer weeds. Whether you are using our St. Augustine grass, your lawn will be the showcase of your property, adding both beauty and value. To see it yourself, contact a grower today.

1 review for ProVista™–Turfgrass by Scotts® 400sqft pallet (Pallet included) ONLINE ONLY

  1. Thalia Wolfe

    I was under the impression I could spray roundup on my new Provista lawn and it be OK, boy was I mistaken! I called Sod Depot to actually get a refund as I didn’t think they brought me out the Provista that I ordered. In reality, they are incredibly informative to let you know this grass is only tolerant to a certain type of weed killer, that does NOT include Roundup!
    After the manager helped me determine that it was infact Provista I received, she gave me the 5 pieces for free that I had sprayed with Roundup.
    Even though the mistake was entirely on me, Sod Depot still came through with impeccable customer service and helped me out! Thank you!

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