What is the Best Type of Sod for Florida?

There are many different types of sod for sale near Orlando, but that does not mean that all of them are appropriate for your lawn. The best way to tell which sod will work best for you is to learn a little more about them. Then, when you are ready to buy, you can speak to experts to get it properly installed on your lawn.


EMPIRE Zoysia is a dark green, medium-bladed grass that was bred in Brazil. Because of this, it was built to endure tropical climates and high temperatures. This is an ideal situation for Florida residents because it means that the grass is suited to thrive in the Florida summers. What’s perfect about this is that you can shut off the water supply during severe periods of drought and it won’t harm the grass. That’s only a fraction of what makes this grass great, however. It is also resistant to chinch bugs, a species of pest that is frequently found in Florida. Beyond this, it also requires less mowing and chemical treatments. In fact, because it is more tolerant and durable than other sods, it is perfect for playing on. 

Floratam St. Augustine

Are you wondering what type of grass your neighbors have on their lawns? Chances are good that it is Floratam St. Augustine. This is because it is a well-performing grass that has a wide blade. This type of grass was released by the Florida and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations and was intended as a chinch bug resistant grass. Unfortunately, it lost its resistance over time. Unlike the EMPIRE Zoysia, which is maintained at two inches in height, the Floratam St. Augustine is kept at over four inches. This means that it is not the best type of grass for playing. While it is very easy to maintain, it is not disease-resistant or shade-tolerant. As a matter of fact, Floratam St. Augustine can actually attract bugs. 

Don’t let this deter you from choosing this grass, however. This is a resilient grass that can survive difficult conditions. In fact, with minimal maintenance, it can last quite easily and look beautiful on any Florida lawn.

Argentine Bahia

Argentine Bahia comes from Argentina and it is perfect for Southern lawns because of the consistent moisture that you find in Florida. In fact, it is such a hardy grass that it can last in the Florida sun without the need for a break in the shade. It is also incredibly thick which is ideal for pasture and cattle.

In terms of maintenance, it doesn’t require much. While the seeds can take a while to germinate, all the grass really needs to thrive is water. That is why it does so well in the Floridian climate where rain is frequent and humidity is high. Aside from water, fertilization isn’t really required. You may invest in fertilizing this grass, but the thing that is going to make the difference is the presence of an adequate amount of water.

The Best Sod for Sale Near Orlando

Choosing the right sod for your lawn doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Even if you are confused about the options available to you and you are still unsure about which one will best suit your needs and lifestyle, you can always consult an expert. That is where we at Sod Depot can help. We pride ourselves on being more than just another place to find sod for sale near Orlando; we talk to our customers so that they are satisfied with their lawns well after our job is done. Whether you are beginning the process of buying new sod for your lawn or you are ready to see your lawn flourish, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Sod Depot for help.