What is the Best Time of Day to Water a New Lawn?

When you are ready to invest in sod for sale, the last thing that you want is to end up with an unhealthy, dying lawn. Watering is an important part of preventing this. By learning the right time of day to water your lawn, you can guarantee a healthier lawn and a more beautiful yard. 

When Should I Water the Lawn?

The time of day that you water your lawn may not seem like a significant issue but it can make a huge difference in the health of your grass. This is because the amount of sun that is available at a particular time of day will influence how the water is absorbed into the soil. For instance, if you water your lawn in the middle of the day, you will find that your sod never has quite enough water. Why is this? This happens because the direct sunlight causes the water to evaporate much more quickly, so less water is being utilized by the roots of your sod.

By contrast, watering close to the end of the day is just as bad for the opposite reason. Without the sunlight to help the water evaporate, all of that water sits in the soil and creates the perfect environment for disease, fungus, and root rot.

This leaves us with the question: What time of day should I water my sod? The answer to this is fairly simple. You should water your lawn earlier in the day. Ideally, you would water your sod before 10 AM. This time of day provides the lawn with enough sunlight that the excess water can be evaporated, but the sunlight is not so bright that the roots do not have a chance to soak up the water they need.

How Much Water Should I Use?

Equally as important as the time of day is the amount of water that you use to water your lawn. With established lawns as well as newly laid sod, you want to make sure that you are reaching six inches beneath the surface. With established lawns, you will typically need about one to two inches of water per week in order to keep the soil soaked to that depth. You do not necessarily have to provide all this water at once, but be mindful of the weather. If you are in the middle of a particularly rainy time of year, you may want to hold off on turning the sprinklers on until you see how much rainfall you get during the week. It may be helpful, in these instances, to use a rain gauge to keep track of how much water your lawn has gotten.

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