Argentine Bahia 425 sq ft




400 sq. ft. full pallet of Argentine Bahia sod.

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Don’t be surprised when you first see your Bahia sod: It will look dry, clumpy and dead. Not to worry! The sod is dormant and just came out of a cow pasture, in the middle of a field that hasn’t been irrigated. Water every day for the first two weeks after your new sod is installed. You can stop irrigating daily when you try to pull the grass up with your hand and you can’t. 

Bahia is sold in increments of approximately 425 square feet per pallet. Please note: Bahia easily falls apart and can come off the pallet in chunks. Do not fret, just place the bits and pieces on the ground and they will grow. Bahia roots effortlessly

Argentine Bahia is a low to mid maintenance grass. It is a tough, coarse bladed grass that is capable of surviving in conditions that would destroy most turf grasses. One important characteristic of Bahia grass is it’s capability to withstand weather extremes. Bahia grass thrives in areas where the weather extremes cycle through periods of drought to heavy rains and back to drought again. Bahia will go dormant and brown in freeze conditions and recover in the Spring. Bahia is commonly used in retention ponds and on the median of highways.

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