Hibiscus 3 gallon

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Tropical hibiscus and perennial hibiscus both put on a big show in the garden. Tropical hibiscus plants are what you think of when you picture lazing by the pool in Florida. They have dark green (sometimes glossy) leaves and pink, yellow, orange, lavender, red, white, or bi-color flowers. They grow well in full sun and can only survive outdoors in the winter in zones 10-12. In cooler areas they make great container plants, and are sometimes available as “standards,” or little hibiscus “trees.”

Perennial hibiscus plants can survive the winter in zones 4 to 9. They typically have larger flowers and lighter green leaves, but the bloom size and leaf color vary greatly from species to species. Some plants can grow to be quite large (up to 7 to 8 feet tall). Perennial hibiscus blooms in mid to late summer. Flowers are typically white, pink, lavender, red, or burgundy. If you have a smaller garden, look for a dwarf variety.


All hibiscus plants need to be watered thoroughly every couple of days for the first few weeks after planting. After that, water perennial hibiscus twice weekly for the first growing season. During the second growing season and beyond, water once per week unless it rains several days in a row. It’s almost impossible to overwater these plants.

Tropical hibiscus plants should be kept consistently moist, so water whenever the top inch of soil is dry. (Stick your finger in the soil to check.) Containers may need to be watered 3 to 4 times weekly at the beginning of the summer and daily toward the end of the summer as the plants grow. The amount of watering you have to do will be less in cooler months.


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