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  • Zoysia 400 Sq Ft

    Zoysia 400 Sq Ft

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    400 sq. ft. full pallet of  Zoysia sod. Zoysia is a durable, soft-textured grass. Empire Zoysia has definitely raised the bar for competing grasses throughout Orlando, Florida. It has a beautiful dark green color, is drought tough, and is more durable than other grasses. Visually, Empire is an extremely attractive turf grass for any residential or…

  • Zoysia by the piece

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    Palisades Zoysia grass features a medium blade (5-7mm) and is dark green in color. Developed by Texas A&M University, Palisades Zoysia is shade tolerant like a St. Augustine grass and drought tolerant like a Bermuda grass. Slow growing, low fertilizer requirements, and aesthetically one of a kind, Palisades Zoysia is our #1 selling Zoysia grass