Red Mulch (2 cu ft bags)



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Mulch can be synthetically dyed in various color options such as; red mulch, brown mulch, gold mulch or black mulch.  Mulch is produced from hardwood forest scraps, small tree stems, or in some cases, from recycled shredded waste wood.  The dye is used to produce the bright red color, which looks attractive when new.  Red mulch provides a nice contrast to green landscapes, hinders the growth of troublesome weeds, and helps maintain moisture around Florida landscapes.  Brown dyed mulch is a dyed shredded oak bark.  Brown dyed mulch is somewhat thicker and is a chocolate brown color.  This color lasts the longest of all the mulches.  Some break-up this mulch mid-way through the season, while others have no problem leaving it alone.  Black dyed mulch soaks up the sunlight more than other colors because of its deep dark color.  This then helps with keeping the soil warm, so your plants grow healthier and faster.

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