Is Bahia Grass Good for Lawns in Florida?

Bahiagrass is a popular option for lawns in Florida. It is a drought-tolerant grass that can grow quickly and withstand the heat of the climate, but is it right for your yard? Learn more about Bahia grass before you decide to purchase this type of seed.

Bahiagrass is valued for its admirable drought and heat tolerance, which help it thrive in a variety of regions. When you also want your lawn to be low-maintenance but unable to grow well in your location, Bahia may be perfect!

Bahiagrass Likes The Heat And is Drought Tolerant

One of the top reasons that Bahia grass is great for Florida is because it is very heat tolerant. This makes it a great option for people who love being outside and want to spend time on the lawn.

If you enter an extremely hot time of year and end up having drought conditions, Bahia is more likely to survive than grass like St. Augustine which is also very popular in Florida.

Even when winter arrives and rain is not likely, Bahia enters an annual dormant period and turns brownish tan. Once it starts to get water again, it will come back to life and turn green again.

Bahiagrass Is Low-Maintenance

The bahiagrass seed also requires little maintenance since you won’t be mowing as often when compared with other types of grasses. This means that Bahia is perfect for folks in Florida – they can enjoy their yard without worrying about spending too much time maintaining it!

Bahiagrass Prefers Full Sun

Another great thing about Bahia grass is that it prefers full sun. Therefore, if you plan on having it in an area that gets shade the majority of the time, it may not be the best option for you.

Bahiagrass Looks Great All Year Long

It’s also important to note that bahiagrass looks beautiful all year long and doesn’t require any special care! You’ll never need to spend more than a few minutes per week making sure your lawn stays healthy with Bahiagrass.

Bahiagrass Doesn’t Need As Much Water

A major perk to using bahiagrass is that it doesn’t need a lot of water. You’ll notice that bahiagrass is much less likely to get dried out than your other lawn options.

It Can Be Planted With Seeds

Unlike St. Augustine grass, Bahiagrass can be planted with seeds. Bahiagrass seed germinates slowly but establishes well, so you can enjoy the benefits of starting a lawn from seed.

Get Bahiagrass Delivered In Orlando

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