How Long Does it Take New Sod to Root?

New sod is always a welcome addition to any lawn. However, getting new sod to adhere properly to the soil beneath it is not a quick process. There are several steps to keep in mind when laying new sod, but we at Sod Depot can help you through them.

Not only do we offer the best sod near you, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your sod takes root and your lawn looks its best.

Shallow Roots vs Deep Roots

Sod has two steps in taking root in your soil. First, it will grow shallow roots, and eventually, it will grow deep roots. It can be easy for homeowners to think their job is done after their sod has developed shallow roots because they believe that the growing process is over, but there is still more to do before the sod can be called a success.

For shallow roots, it is essential that you water your lawn every day. The amount of water that your new sod needs is much more than you would typically expect so be prepared to run the sprinklers or the hose for twenty to thirty minutes for each watering session. The other thing to keep in mind during this period is that you cannot walk on the sod. Putting excess pressure on the sod could damage the fragile roots during this critical growth stage, so it is important that you place no weight on your new sod until the shallow roots have taken hold. This process will normally take about two weeks.

Deep root growth is a longer process but it is just as important. To encourage the growth of deeper roots, you must stop watering the sod every day after one week. This will force the roots to start digging deeper into the soil for moisture. Over time, they will grow stronger and you will have an established lawn. This process can take anywhere from thirty to forty-five days, so be prepared to be patient and consistent.

After the deep root growth has taken place, you can go ahead and mow your lawn for the first time. The only thing you have to keep in mind when preparing to do this is that the grass must be completely dry before you begin mowing so you do not accidentally rip out the sod. 

Prepping Your Soil

The process of preparing your soil is just as important for the root development as what you do once your new sod has already arrived. Before your sod is even laid, you must make sure that the soil you are laying it on is adequate. You can till in any additions that will encourage growth. For instance, sulfur, compost, and lime are all great additions to till into the soil before laying down new sod.

After you have prepared the sod itself, you want to make sure that the area where the sod is going to be laid is even and flat. If there are any low points or contours in your yard, you could end up with water collecting at that particular point. You can avoid this by raking the soil.

Speeding Up the Process

The process of making sure your new sod is adhering to your soil properly is a slow one, but there are things that you can do to speed it up. One thing that you can do is to use a lawn roller immediately after the sod is laid. Lawn rollers can reduce the air pockets between the sod and topsoil and ensure that the two layers are fusing properly.

Beyond the first six weeks, you can also add fertilizer to your lawn. This will encourage continued root growth and keep your sod healthy.

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