Will Mulch Stop Weeds?

Dealing with weeds can be a difficult task. Mulch can be a viable solution for dealing with excess weeds as it can tamp down weeds and keep them from reaching the sunlight and air that they need to grow.

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What Makes the Difference

Weeds are a nuisance for anyone. Not only are they terrible to look at, but they harm your plants and prevent them from getting the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive. Manually weeding can be a tedious and time-consuming process that often has to be repeated time after time. The alternative, spraying them with weed killing chemicals, can be just as harmful to your plants as the weeds themselves. What solution does that leave you with? Surprisingly, mulch is the best option.

However, the type of mulch that you use can make a difference in how effective you are in keeping weeds out. For instance, straw is often used in vegetable gardens but it can actually contain seeds that grow weeds. Pebbles and other small stones are a popular option, but they don’t do the job of enriching the soil. The best option on the market for those who are looking to keep weeds out of their yard is bark mulch. Bark mulch is a natural option that breaks down over time, and it is clean and manageable. Most importantly, it is excellent at keeping weeds from growing.

Mulch Maintenance

In order to effectively use mulch to keep weeds out, you have to make sure you have a sufficient amount of mulch blocking the weeds from reaching the surface. Typically, this would mean a two to three inch layer of mulch. Most weeds will not be able to make it through that thick of a layer because they will lack the amount of energy that they need to push through to the surface. 

Each part of your yard will require mulch at different times and areas. For instance, when you are putting mulch on perennial flowers, make sure to wait until they sprout then lay down the two to three inch layer around them. With annual flowers by contrast, you should mulch after planting rather than waiting until the flowers sprout. When dealing with trees or shrubs, you want to make sure to not place mulch around the base of the trunks and stems so that the roots have enough room to breathe. Because bark mulch is all-natural, it will break down over time and need to be replaced as needed depending on conditions in your area.

Looking for Mulch for Sale?

When you are taking care of your yard, it can be easy to second-guess yourself. The best way to keep this from happening is by having access to professionals who can consult with you and get you the best products for your particular problems. At Sod Depot, we can be that expert. We have years of experience and an array of products to serve your needs. Whether you are looking for mulch, sod, fertilizer, or something else, we can help. Are you interested in learning more about what we have to offer you? Check out our mulch for sale below that you need for your yard. 

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