What is Mulch Used For?

Mulch is an often used but rarely understood part of any good yard. It serves many purposes and comes in a variety of forms that can provide benefits to your garden. At Sod Depot, we offer more than your standard mulch delivery, we work hard to make sure that you understand why mulch is important so that you can make the right choice for your yard.

What Is Mulch?

By definition, mulch is any organic or inorganic material that can be used in a garden or lawn to cover soil. This is a broad definition, however. More specifically, mulch is a material that can keep moisture from leaving your soil as well as keep weeds from growing. Mulch also helps to keep the soil cool in the summertime and keep frost from forming in the wintertime. On a more surface level, mulch keeps gardens and lawns looking tidy. 

Types of Mulch

When it comes to mulch, you can choose from two main types: organic and inorganic. Each of these has its own set of benefits. Organic mulch, for example, is excellent because it decomposes over time. While this does mean that you have to replace it more frequently, it also means that, as it decomposes, it is allowing nutrients to be fed into your soil. Inorganic mulch, by contrast, is much longer-lasting. It is also very adept at keeping weeds from growing in your garden. 


Bark: Bark is the most commonly used organic mulch. This is because it is so versatile in its usage. Bark can be used both in flower beds for perennials and around trees. Beyond the appeal of its appearance, bark is also useful when you need to provide specific nutrients to certain plants. For instance, if your plants require more acidic soil, you can utilize pine bark chips to add extra acidity. 

Shredded Leaves: Shredded leaves may seem like an odd choice for mulch, but it’s actually quite a smart one. Shredded leaves can attract earthworms to your soil which is fantastic for the growth of your plants. Additionally, it makes it easy to get rid of leaves that may be cluttering up your lawn. That said, this option is not as traditionally attractive as bark and it may be better suited to areas of your garden that are less visible.

Straw: Straw is very similar to shredded leaves in that it attracts bugs as well. It is also a great organic option for keeping out weeds as well as birds and rodents. Straw also has the added benefit of being one of the few organic options that take more time to decompose. This is great because it means that you will not have to replace your mulch midway through your growing season.


Landscape fabric: While landscape fabric will not provide any real nutritional value to your soil, it is a wise choice for inhibiting the growth of weeds as well as providing a lasting choice for your mulch. Because the fabric will not be useful to your soil, you may want to use it in parts of your garden where there isn’t any growth. 

Stones: Stones are an attractive option for inorganic mulch. They are also ideal for additional drainage where you may need it. Beyond this benefit, they can also be used to retain heat. 

Benefits of Mulch

The benefits of mulch are numerous and often are related directly to which type of mulch you select. More generally, though, mulch is your ticket to quality soil. It provides nutrients–or retains them–to the soil while keeping moisture in and pests out. Mulch provides so many benefits that it can often make the difference between a successful growing season and a season riddled with problems.

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