Types of Mulch and Why You Should Use Them

There are many types of mulch available on the market. Not all of them are going to be suited for each project. That’s why it is so important to be informed about what each of these mulches does and what it works best for. This way, you can select the one that is going to provide exactly what you need and look great. 

Cypress Blend

Do you need a mulch that will look natural and not break your budget? Cypress blend is a perfect choice. It is a wood chip mulch that is created using the bark of cypress trees. Because it is made from bark, it is considered an organic mulch that will decompose given enough time. While it decomposes, it will leave behind nutrients that will enrich your soil for your plants. 

The other main benefit of this mulch is that it prevents weed growth. How does it do this? It creates an organic barrier over the weeds that prevent sunlight from reaching them. Without sunlight, weeds do not have sufficient strength to grow and will eventually die out.

Pine Bark

Not everyone wants a heavy mulch to cover their garden beds. Heavy mulch breaks down quickly which means that you have to replace it more frequently. The solution to this problem is pine bark. Pine bark is a lightweight mulch that comes from pine trees. Because it is so lightweight, it does not decompose nearly as fast as other organic mulches. This means that you do not have to worry about having to replace it as often.

Of course, this is not the only thing that pine bark is known for. In addition to being a less heavy mulch, it is also a great additive to your soil for your plants that need a boost with their leaf growth. This is because pine bark has aluminum within it, so as it decomposes, it releases that aluminum into the soil and promotes growth.

Pine Straw

Another great product of the pine tree is the straw. Rather than being made from the bark, pine straw is the foliage of the tree. As such, it is even lighter than pine bark. Because of this, it breaks down much more slowly than any other type of mulch. With pine straw, you would not have to replace it more than twice a year.

While we don’t often get wintry weather in Florida, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. That is where pine straw can help. Pine straw can keep your soil safe from wintry conditions so your plants do not suffer.

Colored Mulch

Do you need a particular look for your garden bed? Colored mulch can help you customize your look, so your mulch best suits your needs. It is made out of hardwood scraps then dyed in either brown, black, or red. 

If you need mulch that will look the best the longest, you can select brown mulch which retains its color in the sunlight. For those who need warm soil, black mulch works perfectly because it can most effectively absorb the sun’s rays. For others who want a bright and striking color, red mulch is available.

Buying Mulch in Orlando?

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