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    Blindside Herbicide – 0.5 lb

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    For selective weed control in turf including residential, commercial and institutional lawns, athletic fields, commercial sod farm, golf courses (fairways and roughs) and other noncrop sites. Blindside herbicide offers turf professionals an all-in-one solution for post-emergent control of difficult broadleaf weeds, including dollarweed, doveweed, buttonweed, ground ivy and wild violet-and sedges in warm-season turf, including St. Augustine grass. This innovative product offers speed of control for immediate customer satisfaction, while protecting your blindside next season with reduced weed populations. Blindside herbicide will also offer fast post-emergent control of poa annua in warm-season turf and also impact winter annual broadleaf weed populations for better looking turf in the spring. Active Ingredients: Sulfentrazone…60.0% Metsulfuron-methyl…6.0% EPA Reg. No.: 279-3411