How Often Should You Remove Old Mulch?

Mulch is an excellent way to keep out weeds and bring nutrients to the soil you grow your plants in. However, mulch has to be replaced regularly in order to stay effective. How often you have to replace it is dependent on the quality of the mulch and the type of mulch that you use. At Sod Depot, we have the expertise to help you determine when it is time to remove your old mulch and replace it with newer, fresher mulch. 

What Signs to Look For

Organic mulch is typically the best option for mulching your yard, but it does need to be replaced regularly in order for it to keep doing its job. In the best conditions, mulch can last five to six years. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to its breakdown, and you may need to replace it earlier. For instance, certain types of mulch can decompose more quickly especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Some of these weather conditions can include heavy rainfall and intense sun exposure.

There are other factors that contribute to how frequently you will need to replace your mulch. Mulch size is one of these factors. Bark mulch will typically last much longer than other types of mulch. Shredded mulch, by comparison, will be more likely to be disturbed by rain or high winds. That means that shredded mulch will need to be replaced more often than bigger-sized mulch.

One other important factor is the color of the mulch. Undyed mulches tend to turn gray after a year of being used. This doesn’t necessarily make them less effective, but it does mean that they will not have the color that you initially saw when you purchased them. Typically, people will willingly choose to replace the mulch when it has faded in order to have it all match and look better. However, this is for aesthetics only. By contrast, dyed mulches will stay colorful longer but the process of dying may be dangerous for the plants. Cheap milch that use artificial chemicals to dye the mulch can negatively impact your plants as the chemicals seep into your soil. This means that, as they decompose, you would have to remove the old mulch and place new mulch on top. 

What Happens If You Don’t

Mulch, like all organic matter, will decompose. As it does, it will lose the nutrients that it has to enrich your soil. This means that you will start to see more soil erosion. Additionally, as it is reduced in depth, it will allow more weeds to pop through and compete with your plants for resources. 

If you are looking to extend the life of your mulch as much as possible, it would be best to select a bark mulch that is a bit larger and has not been dyed. Bark mulches like cedar and cypress are a great choice for low-maintenance mulch. With high-performance mulch, you should only need to place a new layer of mulch every one to two years. However, you will likely need to remove old mulch and replace it with new mulch every five to six years.

Searching for Mulch for Sale?

If you are searching for high-quality mulch for sale, look no further. At Sod Depot, we have a variety of different mulches and sods for your yard needs. Whether you are an expert or a novice, we can be of help and get you the products that you need.

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