How Many Cubic Feet Is In a Yard of Mulch?

So you’ve finally decided to make the leap and buy some mulch for your garden. Mulch can be a great way of keeping weeds down, but how many cubic feet are in a yard?

So, How Many Cubic Feet Is In A Yard of Mulch?

In a cubic yard, there are 27 cubic feet. The most common bagged mulch comes in 2 cubic foot bags. As a result, you’ll need one cubic yard for every 13.5 bags.

For example, if you used 27 bags of mulch last year, you’ll get the same amount of mulch in 2 cubic yards this year.

A single cubic yard of mulch will cover 162 square feet at 2 inches of depth. Depending on what’s beneath, people usually spread their mulch at a thickness of 2 inches. If you want to spread it a little deeper at 3 inches, a single cubic yard will cover around 108 square feet.

If you aren’t sure how much mulch you need to begin with, it’s a good idea to measure out the area of your garden and purchase mulch in increments.

How Much Does a Cubic Yard of Mulch Weigh?

Most mulch weighs 600-1000 lbs. per cubic yard, and if you’re wondering how much your mulch weighs, the average is around 600-1000 lbs. per cubic yard. If you need to collect your mulch in bulk, 2.5 cubic yards is the most we can fit in a typical size truck back.

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