Can You Lay New Sod Over Existing Grass?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not you can lay new sod over existing grass.

While technically it is possible to lay new sod over old grass, it generally isn’t recommended. There’s a good chance that it won’t root correctly and will eventually die. You can’t just put sod on top of grass without first preparing the soil. To root effectively, all sod must make direct soil contact.

Let’s dig into some reasons that you shouldn’t lay new sod over old grass!

Your New Sod Won’t Root

Properly If you try to lay new sod over your existing grass, it won’t take root properly and will likely die.

Instead of trying to lay new sod over your existing grass, remove all of the old grass first and then install the new sod. This way, you can be sure that your new sod will grow and thrive.

Old Weeds Will Likely Resurface

If you lay new sod over your existing grass, you are more likely to get weeds. Weeds thrive in the sunlight and will quickly overtake your lawn if given the opportunity.

The grass will eventually die and decompose when you cover it with sod, but weeds are extremely tenacious. They’ll most likely survive being covered, and they’ll show up later as your new sod grows. If you don’t remove the existing grass and weeds before laying sod, you’ll be compelled to pull weeds after the sod is put down and it will be much more difficult.

Your New Grass Won’t Look As Good

If you try to lay new sod over your existing grass, it won’t look as good. The old grass will be visible and the transition from old to new sod will be jarring.

If you’re just laying sod in certain parts of your lawn, the new grass won’t look as nice as well-laid sod. Even if your grass survives, if you lay sod over it, it will have a greater height than the rest of your lawn and will result in an uneven and choppy appearance.

Let The Pros Help

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