8 Plants for Fall Color in Florida

Florida doesn’t have real seasons. How many times have you heard that? While Florida seasons aren’t that dramatic, at all, many Floridians get excited when the last months of the year finally come around. A break from the extreme heat is appreciated.

For many people who moved to Florida from other parts of the country, especially up north, the lack of fall colors and weather can be difficult. Adding some fall color to your Florida yard can help. Here are some of our favorite plants for fall color in Florida.


With rich hues of magentas, chartreuse, and deep aubergine, Coleus adds depth any time of year. During fall and winter the color remains, adding some pop to what could be an otherwise bland time of year. And when spring comes back around the rich color of the Coleus will complement other springtime blooms.

Coleus can be added to beds and borders to create interest and ornamentation. They need fertile, well-draining soil and partial shade is best. Many varieties can also tolerate sun, so be sure to check with us on what would work best for your yard.


Some varieties of Caladiums will sleep during the cooler months, but the White Queen variety will hang around most of the season. With lush multicolored leaves, they add depth and coverage to any yard without distracting from other plants. Their heart-like shape is adored by many.

In North and Central Florida, it is best to plant caladium tubers in the ground between April and September.

Stromanthe Sanguinea

The two biggest features of Stromanthe Sanguinea are the rich red colors and the height. The shoots of the Stromanthe Sanguinea will create some height to your yard’s sightlines. The rich red color is irresistible any time of year, but in the winter you may seem it sport some tall red flowers.

Lonicera Sempervirens / Coral Honeysuckle

If you’d like the fairytale look of a flowering vine climbing up a trelace, consider the Coral Honeysuckle. With its red tubular flowers, the pop of soft color is attractive. You can almost think of Coral Honeysuckle as the fall counterpart to Star Jasmine.

Cassia or Senna Alata

This bright beauty starts blooming at the end of summer and tends to go strong all through fall. Its tall, voluminous golden candlesticks are rich in color. More gold than yellow, the color is perfectly suited for fall in Florida.

Grow cassia in well-drained soil that isn’t prone to standing water. It is best to give 3 to 4 feet space from each other and other nearby plants. Cassia also grows well in large pots filled with standard potting soil. Provide cassia with a full six hours or more of daily sunlight.

Salvia Leucantha / Mexican Sage

This hearty perennial will keep your yard colorful all year long. While purple may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of fall, its velvety soft foliage brings a cozy look. The greenish silver foliage combined with the purple blooms is reminiscent of lavender.

Barleria Cristata / Philippine Violet

Here we have a white beauty that comes alive in fall. The Philippine Violet sports deep green foliage and vibrant purple flowers, the richness it brings to your yard in fall is sure to be appreciated. Plant it near a golden-hued plant for a stunning contrast.

Stromanthe Sanguinea ‘Triostar’

Want to add some drama to your yard? The Stromanthe Sanguinea ‘Triostar’ is a standout. Each stalk sports multiple hues of rich red, magenta, and fuscia. It requires high humidity and warm temperatures to thrive, which is basically Florida all year long.

If you have questions about the best ways to care for your Florida yard, stop by either of our two locations. Or give us a call at 407-875-1900. As a small, veteran-owned business, we can give you the personalized advice the big stores can’t.