5 Tips for Your Yard During Hurricane Season

Floridians have a lot to do to prepare for Hurricane Season. Preparing your yard and landscaping for storms and severe weather should not be overlooked. Don’t worry, the prep work is easy to get done and can go quickly, as long as you know what do in advance. Here are five tips on how to prepare your yard for Hurricane Season.

1. Don’t over-mulch your yard

Mulch is a great tool for beautifying your yard and helping your plants grow their best. During the summer rains, mulch will frequently be washed away from plant beds, so prepare to replace it once the storm is over.

Make sure you’re not wasting time or resources by putting too much mulch down during the summer. If beds are soggy, wait for them to dry out some before mulching.

Pine Bark Mulch is low maintenance and environmentally friendly

2. Trim your trees, but not all of them

Florida’s oak trees have shallow and wide roots so it is important to trim away dead and unruly limbs before the season’s heavy winds come around to create potential damage. But, some trees are naturally pruners.

Palms do not need to be pruned for hurricanes because they essentially prune themselves. Do not remove healthy fronds from palms. Wait until the fronds are completely brown before removing them from the tree.

3. Plan ahead for your patio furniture and plants

Anything outside should be secured or moved to a sheltered area when a major storm is imminent. The trouble is, some severe storms can also cause patio furniture, hanging plants, and other items to become flying projectiles.

No one wants to have to move furniture and plants in and out of the house constantly. So plan ahead. Make sure whatever you put outside is something you can easily put back inside if needed. Look for items that can easily be anchored as well.

4. Check the forecast before you fertilize

Do not spread fertilizer if a tropical storm/hurricane is imminent or prior to a heavy rain. Little if any of the fertilizer will benefit the lawn as the fertilizer will be washed away. This is especially important in the summer when minimal fertilizer is necessary.

Save yourself some time, and some money, and hold off on fertilizing during the rainy seasons. It’s also a Florida-friendly practice, helping out our natural environment, to use fertilizer only when absolutely necessary.

Only fertilize when absolutely necessary

5. Turn off your irrigation systems

This last tip is just for when a strong storm system is nearing your home. A day or two before the big storm or hurricane is forecasted to hit, you should turn off your irrigation systems.

This is especially true if your yard and neighborhood have a lot of trees. If a tree comes down and breaks the water line, the water can add to flood problems.

If you have questions about the best ways to care for your Florida yard, stop by either of our two locations. Or give us a call at 407-875-1900. As a small, veteran-owned business, we can give you the personalized advice the big stores can’t.