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Classic St. Augustine is a true “Southern Style” grass with wide blades and a beautiful rich green color. Classic is more cold tolerant than other varieties of St. Augustine and it performs well in the shade. It also has better disease and insect resistance than other St. Augustine. Simply put, Classic is the best variety of St. Augustine currently on the market.


Newly planted Classic should be watered daily and soaked thoroughly to a depth of 3 inches for the first two weeks to avoid dry out. Reduce the amount of water but continue to water daily for the following two weeks until the lawn is established. Once it is established, watering needs will vary based upon the type of soil present. It is always best to mimic the environment by watering heavily every few days rather than watering lightly every day. For sandier soils, 3/4 of an inch per watering will completely saturate the soil and everything else will simply percolate through. For heavier clay soils, you can water up to 2 inches at a time before saturation is reached. For this reason, heavy soils should be watered heavily but less frequently (every 3-4 days) and sandy soils will need less water but more frequency (every 2-3 days).

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