St. Augustine Citra Blue 425 Sq Ft



CitraBlue is a blue-colored, improved variety that likes to be walked on. It needs little water except in hot weather. CitraBlue can be used on sports fields, parks, and commercial landscapes with moderate shade.
Due to the nature of natural products, physical properties will vary (size, color, etc).


400 sq. ft. full pallet of St. Augustine Citra Blue sod.

CitraBlue™ St. Augustine grass was developed by the University of Florida’s turfgrass breeding program under a sponsored Research Service Agreement with the Turfgrass Producers of Florida, Inc. (TPF). CitraBlue St. Augustine is known for its deep blue-green color and disease resistance. CitraBlue St. Augustine has less vertical growth than most St. Augustines and allows for minimal mowing and maintenance. CitraBlue’s shade tolerance is ranked at the top alongside Palmetto® St. Augustine.

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