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  • Railroad Ties

    Railroad Ties

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    Railroad ties are also used as decoration, particularly for commercial and private landscaping foundations. Their raw and natural appearance creates a traditional and rustic look for fences, flower boxes, walkways, raised beds or gardens, borders and retaining walls. But since many used railroad ties also contain elements of residue from the track, such as coal…

  • Weed Barrier 300 ft Roll

    Weed Barrier 300 ft Roll

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    Weed Barrier 20 Year woven is the best in the industry for cost conscious professional and commercial installations. It is also ideal for the homeowner who demands professional quality products. This high grade 4.1 ounce woven polypropylene, needle-punched fabric will stop unsightly weeds without those nasty chemicals.

Railroad Ties and Weed Barrier in Central Florida

Railroad ties and weed barrier are available for pick up or delivery.
Call 407-875-1900 or 407-875-5755, we will find the perfect landscaping products for your project and budget.