St. Augustine Classic 400 Sq Ft

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400 sq. ft. full pallet of St. Augustine Classic sod.

St. Augustine Classic performs well in full sun and partially shaded yards (4-6 hrs of filtered sunlight). The sod is more cold tolerant and it is a low/medium profile-dwarf which has better disease and insect tolerance than Floratam. The root system is more dense and is a prettier medium to dark green color. Classic responds well to fertilization and is a superior quality than Floratam. Once established, it requires the same amount of water as unless it is in a shady area.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Loads of sod are brought in daily to ensure freshness. If needed same day, please call for availability. (407) 875-1900 or (407) 875-5755
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Delivery and in-store pickup orders will be available next day. Orders with four pallets of sod or more need to be submitted by noon for next day delivery. Delivery is not available on weekends.